May 9, 2015

6º Republic

Modern industrial themed 6º Republic event opened its doors.
For a while I was losing my motive to have a house and decorate it, but this event has tons of great furniture and decor items and I just couldn't help rezzing out everything to create my own sweet home. Since the event is themed, most of items are made with shabby wood and metal textures. It's easy to mix & match the items from different stores and also they are not too macho nor too feminine, kinda neutral. You can easily change the style by adding a few eye catching or unique colored items.

Check 6º Republic flickr stream for fine decor examples created by bloggers and other customers.
Also I'm now posting my own decor ideas with full credits on flickr.

I released 3 items from my store in 6º Republic.

Camden Room Dividers
These hanging room dividers are sold through vendors and gacha machine.

These copy-mod versions are available on vendors. They are scripted, color changeable, include 2 room dividers with different shaped rod, extra & corner pipes. During the time of this event, they are sold at 30% off price.

Gacha versions are transferable. You can't choose a specific color or the rod shape (they are for hanging from the ceiling) but it's cheaper and giftable.

Camden Clip-On Lights

They are created for clipping on the rod of Room Dividers, but also works on shelves, tables or ladders. 2 different shaped lights are included, scripted for switching light on/off.

Camden Rug Sets

Each pack contains 4 rugs, flattened and folded rugs in solid and patterned textures.

Here's taxi to 6º Republic!