March 21, 2015

Push Lawn Mowers

Wearable lawn mowers are available now at the 4th round of SOU - by!
They are mod-copy, scripted with idling/walking animations, sound and particles.
Simply wear or add on your avatar, click on it to turn the switch on, then walk around in your front/backyard.

Each color pack contains 4 sizes of wearable lawn mowers and 1 decor version.

Though there's a 1 min temp demo rezzer in the SOU venue, visit BALACLAVA!! if you wish to try full demo in different sizes or colors.


Push Lawn Mowers
Mod-Copy, 4 sizes of wearable and 1 decor versions are included.
Color choices are : Red, Green, Yellow, Navy and Black.
L$150 each (25% OFF price at SOU - by

Visit SOU - by