July 27, 2014

Ready to Rumpus

Animal and wild themed Wild Things Summer Gacha Event has just been opened.
My store doesn't really in this event but I'm offering this FREE gift.

see on flickr

This clock indicates SLT (PDT/PST), tick tack sound can be ON/OFF by a click.
As it's copy-mod, you can resize it manually. As the default size it's 3LI.
It Will never be in my store or anywhere else after the event, so you have to be there in the right time (closes on the 10th August).

It wasn't even a commission work, I just did for fun and share it with others.
So if you liked it, please leave a comment here for sharing your story about "favorite books in childhood".

Wild Things Summer Gacha Event
- TP
- Map
- Gacha Keys