March 22, 2014

Wonder Lilah - Flying Corps Gear

Maybe it's time for us to remember that we can fly in SL.
I have just released these mechanical wings and beam guns.

(see on flickr)

Each pack contains a HUD, a Jet Pack and a Beam Gun.
Jet Pack opens its wings automatically when you fly up/down, and with the HUD, you can boost your flight speed in 4 levels. Beam Gun shoots hypnotic beams with annoying sound, and contains 3 action poses for you to have fun at photo shooting.

(see on flickr)

All of them are copy/mod (except the scripts, sound and animation files), so that you can modify them to fit on your avi.
Available colors are Brown, Khaki, Navy and Black.

They are now in store, visit BALACLAVA!!


March 2, 2014

Busking On

(see on flickr)

Arcade March 2014 round has just opened its door.
For this round, I did musical instruments for street musicians. The collection is called Busking On, playable 10 instruments with no rares.

The collection includes some wearable instruments, and bigger ones to be rezzed out. Each of them has unique sound, different score and animations. Can be played as a solo, but also they have "jam session" mode for playing with your friends.

(see on flickr)

If you've got all 10 instruments and 9 band mates, you'll be able to play this full track.

Arcade March 2014 round is to be held from 1st to 31st of March.
Don't forget to check the official shopping guide to see the lineups, it also helps you to get the direct SLURL of each gacha machine.

To subscribers, I've just sent out the 11th instrument : Kazoo, which actually plays one of the very important part in the music piece. It's a very small instrument, sounds like a wacky version of Vuvuzala, but still really nice to have in a jug band or in the Busking On full band.

If you missed to catch it, please visit my store and slap the "previous gift" panel on the subscriber board. It also gives you the official Arcade pre-loader HUD.

Happy Gacha-ing!