April 6, 2013

Divers in City

Because the number of men's clothes are quite limited, and since mesh trousers don't have modifiable parts on ankles, sometimes it's really hard to choose which shoes to wear. Favorite boots may be popped out from jeans hem, new sneakers can make the trousers look little too short.

Had such issue several times, then it drove me to despair in a way. So... yeah, here's my new stuff. I created fins instead of searching shoes to wear, re-watched Happy Feet movie (I miss Steve Irwin by the way), and made a penguin-ish AO.

Each pack includes a snorkel, mask, a pair of fins, and a ZHAO-II based AO HUD. The snorkel has particle bubbles which can be turned on/off by clicking , and the mask has resizer option.
The AO contains original stand, walk, run, fly, ground sit animations for flippers.
Available in Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue and Black.

Now they are on Men's Dept April round at L$99.