June 29, 2012

Stephen Readers

Each pack contains 3 types of glasses (Solid, Solid face x patterned
Inside, Patterned face x solid inside). Non-rigged MESH, Copy/Mod.

Available Colors are…
Black (w/ Zigzag pattern), Green (w/ Checker), Pink (w/ Stripes),
Jade (w/ Dots) and Red (w/ border)

BALACLAVA!! Main Store

Charmed Shopper

Non-Rigged shopper bags, Copy/Mod.

Available Colors are...
Hot stripes, Cool stripes, Star, Stars, Horse, and Naked Horse.

Feel free to grab and try a Demo.

wearing "horse : L shoulder ".
Each pack contains 2 types, attaches L shoulder or L hand.

BALACLAVA!! Main Store

June 23, 2012

Main Store Renewed.

Still adding new items, doing decor and stuff but anyways, it's open.

More than 70% of builds and interior decoration is mesh-made,
so are my new releases.
Please come and see with mesh enable viewer.

BALACLAVA!! New Main Store is here.

June 7, 2012

Roux Readers & Shades

Just released flower patterned MESH readers & shades exclusively
for The Mens Dept June 2012 round.

Each pack contains reader glasses (solid face, flower patterned inside),
shades (flower patterned face, solid inside) and ready-to-display
Moai heads wearing those glasses on.

Readers and shades are non-rigged, copyable/modifiable,
comes in 3 sizes and attaches (or can be added) on your nose.
As they are 100% MESH product, make sure that you are on MESH
enable viewer.

Hope you'll like them!

Taxi to The Mens Dept.