April 7, 2012

The Mens Dept

new monthly shopping event The Mens Dept is now opened.
As it says, the event features items for men, and each designer
will have items for 75-150L$.
Also there are vendors to "Buy as gift". So ladies can shop in the
venue too, for gifting items to your BF, BFF, MF or… to male alts.

Participants in this 1st round are…
[DECO] / (pda) / 22769 / ABISS / ACIDE / BALACLAVA!! / CheerNo
FRUK / HAVOK / KMADD / LEVEROCCI / Pixlights Factory / POST
Razorblade Jacket / SHAG / Sleepy Eddy

And here's my stuff. I'm planning to have them later in my store,
but this khaki color will never be resold. It's an exclusive for TMD.

Please feel free to try demo on first for making sure if all sculpty
parts fit on your shape (with or without modifying. It's Copy/Mod).
As usual, It has no "demo" tag, you can keep it in your closet.
Here's your Taxi to The Mens Dept. It will be opened for a month.

To subscribe group, I'm going to send out these knitted Cheshire
Cat tail and ears. It's a perfect match to the demo cardigan.
Hope they'll make you grin from ear to ear.