March 11, 2012

Weekend Party

EPOCH-Legend is gonna be closed on sunday the 11th,
and we'll have a party this weekend.

First, the theatre in Creators Cafe was opened. The building is
another brilliant work of Anya Ohmai and Suetabulous Yootz,
I really love this lively colors and old-fashioned cinema sign.
You can TP to theatre from the red doors.

Now we are showing 2 movies, Newreem Waffle's and Maii Ling's.
Newreem's was shot before its opening, features builders
and designers work on Creators Cafe and 3 themed venues.
It clearly reminds me of the excitement and tense I've had at the
opening day!
Maii Ling's was shot during the event, features both venues and
people who visited EPOCH-Legend. It's a really cool visual
impression of this event, and I was impressed by her unique
viewpoint, angle and all the camera work once more.

For Maii's movie, I composed the track using a music sequencer.
I've had this software for long like 8 years but it was the first time
I actually clicked on it. Never thought that I would get inspired
in musical way but was a really interesting collaboration.

You can see both of movies at the Theatre in Creators Cafe.
To see movies in-world, you need QuickTime installed on your
computer. And on your viewer, you have to turn media player on.
It depends on your internet connection and band width though,
movies may take some times to be loaded. Please sit back and
wait for a while, or see this with your web browser.

Also in 2hours, we have a couple of music events too.

22:30 Sat 10th Mar - DJ : Newreem Waffle
00:00 Sun 11th Mar Live : Engrama
Creators Cafe @ Beetlebones

Please come down and let's have a great party together!