November 24, 2012

NOEL decor (with his waste bin)

News from BALACLAVA!!

is a set of Mesh wall decor and a waste bin. Both are 2LI as original size. Mod/Copy, comes with individual N, O, E and L letters (1LI x 4).  L$50 each.

Wood and Plaster colors are available. Check them in store!

November 9, 2012

Recycled Coffee Set for Collabor 88

I'm a coffee addict. There's always my favorite, big heavy mug cup on my desk, and I often go AFK to fill it with black coffee (no sugar thanks). Meanwhile, 75% of my friends in SL don't drink coffee. Some of them even hate the strong flavor and bitter finish.
Then, I wondered if it's possible to let them say "omg coffee<3"

(see better pic on flickr)

This table top decor contains Recycled Coffee Set, a Coffee Arch and a Little Shack.
The teacups-ride inspired set has an espresso pot and 6 demitasse cups with small plants. It's scripted, starts going round and round by a click. It plays a fancy sound (give another click!) and flicks those lights too.
Also the arch is scripted, flicks lights and the coffee sign. Their land impacts are ; Recycled Coffee Set (scripted/7LI), Coffee Arch (scripted/1LI), and Little Shack (1LI). Now I've got them rezzed in front of my store, you can feel free to stop by and check how they work.

Copy/Mod version and Mod/Trans for gift version, both are now available at Collabor88 November round. Hope you'll <3 this coffee I made.

November 6, 2012

Kip Glasses

Socially dull, awkward and nerdy guy... anyone?


Mens Dept November round has just been opened, and BALACLAVA!! released new mesh glasses.

Each package contains 4 styles x 2 sizes ; Plain Solid, Broken (and patched with tape) Solid, another Plain and Broken pairs in Combo colors. Available colors are… Black, Chili, Cocoa and Raisin.

Also there's a promo/demo version, "cream" is available at free (slap the top board of the vendor). You can try them on and check things before purchasing.

TP to Mens Dept!! 

October 6, 2012

Creepy Twins - Ivan and Viktor

Introducing my new friends, Ivan and Viktor.

 They are mesh lighting decor, each one holds a glowing lantern.
All are set in copy/mod perm, so you can resize them as you like. The land impact will changed by resizing… e.g. 200cm tall-10LI, 180cm tall-8LI, 150cm-6LI. The smallest size is 14cm-2LI for each twin.

Package contains a "particle lighting add-on" object. If you want to have actual lighting effect, simply rez the object inside of the lantern. You can switch ON/OFF by clicking.

Buying choices are, Ivan-single, Viktor(the broken hat)-single, and Twins pack.
Singles contain plain shirt version of twin and a lighting add-on object. Twins pack has plain shirt version of twins, and also a pair of stripe shirted twins.

They'll be good doormen of your Halloween house.
Now on sale at Mens Dept. If you want to see them rezzed, visit my store.
Have a nice weekend!

September 20, 2012


It seems the wild crowd begun to subside, finally I could get in The Arcade Gacha Event. I spun gachas like a wind-up toy (click, move the mouse over, click, move the mouse over, click…), also managed to take a pic with Archie. The venue itself is really beautiful, would be a great photo spot.

By the way. If you haven't heard about the Arcade Photo Contest, check this out.
You can win early access to the next round of the Arcade (in December), AND L$2,500 store credit at Adorkable Poses.

Meanwhile, I have set a place for trading duplicates from The Arcade. Basically I opened this place for people who've hold many duplicates but not good at contacting trading post owners in English. It's really great if we can have fun on spinning gachas and help each other to complete our collections.

Feel free to stop by if you are looking for a specific item. Someone may have duplicates on sale. Also I'm providing LMs of other trading posts (click on the blue post shown in pic!). Visit a trading post in my backyard.

And here's one more to update. I released new subscriber gift as part of my "A Box of Boyhood" collection. It's a wind-up musical box in Mesh (4LI). By clicking, it slowly rotates and play a sound. Slap the subscriber board in my store and see in the "history" menu. Here's your limo.

That's all for now!

September 15, 2012

The Arcade

BALACLAVA!! is joining in a new gacha event called The Arcade which has just opened its door. It's well-planned/organized, gonna be a wicked event with full of fun.

They say the event will have themed items in the future, but this first round has no specific themes. Designers are presenting items full of variety, like clothing, fashion accessories, furniture, something new, something retro, clean, minimal designs and arty, decorative stuff.
There are too many goodies and I'm ready to be broke.

You can see ads in The Arcade SL flickr group here. or on their shoppers guide (impressed by their hard work..!!).
Your limo has just arrived too.

Aaaand here's my ad (better one is on flickr!)

"A Box of Boyhood" collection is something like we had in our good old days (I still love to have them around my desk though).

July 9, 2012

Borderer Tanktops for CMFB! Hunt2

Cover My Furry Butt! is one of my favorite blog, even though I've
never furred myself (I was a pony for a while instead).
Am really happy to be in their Cover My Furry Butt! Hunt 2, it's great
fun to see fluffy tails, furry ears or butts around my store.

The hunt will be held for a month (till 7th August) and the hunt
object you need to look for is a pink paw. PINK PAW.

(bigger photo is on flickr here)

Here's my gift items, mesh tank tops for men and women.
It's based on Standard Sizing, contains 5 sizes each -XS to XL
for men, and XXS to L for women. Should be okay on humans too.

Here's the list of shops in this hunt, but some of them may not be
ready by now. So if you stuck, skip and jump to the next store.
Also the designers' comments (under the shop listing) and
inworld group may help you.

Happy Hunting!
BALACLAVA!! main store

July 8, 2012

6th Season Tee : Marine Stripes

Rigged Mesh, Copy only.
Colors in stock ; black, blue, red and jade
Pink is available as demo.

BALACLAVA!! Rigged Mesh : Sizing
I have 7 sizes for now, and offer them separately as Bravo Pack
and Charlie Pack. Bravo Pack contains size 1, 2, 3 and 5,
Charlie Pack has size 5, 8, 13 and 21.
Please try demo first to find your size.

July 7, 2012

6th Season Tee : Re

Original edition of these tees were sold a couple of (or more) years ago.
I revised the artwork, recreated into Mesh Tees.

8 color/designs in stock ; Japonica, Beach, Seatbelt,
Aloha, Lucha Libre, Cityscape, Minotaur and Wings.
The last one (right bottom in pic) is Cheers, available as demo.
Rigged Mesh, Copy only.

BALACLAVA!! Rigged Mesh : Sizing
I have 7 sizes for now, and offer them separately as Bravo Pack
and Charlie Pack. Bravo Pack contains size 1, 2, 3 and 5,
Charlie Pack has size 5, 8, 13 and 21.
Please try demo first to find your size.

July 2, 2012

Necklaces for Men

Non-rigged Mesh necklaces.
Each one has unique charms ; King & Queen (chess pieces),
Moon and Star, Wrench and Cogs, Flask (for your emergency needs),
and Old Keys.
They are all Copy/Mod, attach on your spine.

BALACLAVA!! main store.

June 29, 2012

Stephen Readers

Each pack contains 3 types of glasses (Solid, Solid face x patterned
Inside, Patterned face x solid inside). Non-rigged MESH, Copy/Mod.

Available Colors are…
Black (w/ Zigzag pattern), Green (w/ Checker), Pink (w/ Stripes),
Jade (w/ Dots) and Red (w/ border)

BALACLAVA!! Main Store

Charmed Shopper

Non-Rigged shopper bags, Copy/Mod.

Available Colors are...
Hot stripes, Cool stripes, Star, Stars, Horse, and Naked Horse.

Feel free to grab and try a Demo.

wearing "horse : L shoulder ".
Each pack contains 2 types, attaches L shoulder or L hand.

BALACLAVA!! Main Store

June 23, 2012

Main Store Renewed.

Still adding new items, doing decor and stuff but anyways, it's open.

More than 70% of builds and interior decoration is mesh-made,
so are my new releases.
Please come and see with mesh enable viewer.

BALACLAVA!! New Main Store is here.

June 7, 2012

Roux Readers & Shades

Just released flower patterned MESH readers & shades exclusively
for The Mens Dept June 2012 round.

Each pack contains reader glasses (solid face, flower patterned inside),
shades (flower patterned face, solid inside) and ready-to-display
Moai heads wearing those glasses on.

Readers and shades are non-rigged, copyable/modifiable,
comes in 3 sizes and attaches (or can be added) on your nose.
As they are 100% MESH product, make sure that you are on MESH
enable viewer.

Hope you'll like them!

Taxi to The Mens Dept.

May 8, 2012

Pause Loafers for TMD

The 2nd round of The Mens Dept is now open.
You can check the entire collection of May on the blog,
or on Flickr group.

For this round, I got a pair of Mesh loafers.

The demo pair is also available, here is a taxi!

April 7, 2012

The Mens Dept

new monthly shopping event The Mens Dept is now opened.
As it says, the event features items for men, and each designer
will have items for 75-150L$.
Also there are vendors to "Buy as gift". So ladies can shop in the
venue too, for gifting items to your BF, BFF, MF or… to male alts.

Participants in this 1st round are…
[DECO] / (pda) / 22769 / ABISS / ACIDE / BALACLAVA!! / CheerNo
FRUK / HAVOK / KMADD / LEVEROCCI / Pixlights Factory / POST
Razorblade Jacket / SHAG / Sleepy Eddy

And here's my stuff. I'm planning to have them later in my store,
but this khaki color will never be resold. It's an exclusive for TMD.

Please feel free to try demo on first for making sure if all sculpty
parts fit on your shape (with or without modifying. It's Copy/Mod).
As usual, It has no "demo" tag, you can keep it in your closet.
Here's your Taxi to The Mens Dept. It will be opened for a month.

To subscribe group, I'm going to send out these knitted Cheshire
Cat tail and ears. It's a perfect match to the demo cardigan.
Hope they'll make you grin from ear to ear.


March 11, 2012

Weekend Party

EPOCH-Legend is gonna be closed on sunday the 11th,
and we'll have a party this weekend.

First, the theatre in Creators Cafe was opened. The building is
another brilliant work of Anya Ohmai and Suetabulous Yootz,
I really love this lively colors and old-fashioned cinema sign.
You can TP to theatre from the red doors.

Now we are showing 2 movies, Newreem Waffle's and Maii Ling's.
Newreem's was shot before its opening, features builders
and designers work on Creators Cafe and 3 themed venues.
It clearly reminds me of the excitement and tense I've had at the
opening day!
Maii Ling's was shot during the event, features both venues and
people who visited EPOCH-Legend. It's a really cool visual
impression of this event, and I was impressed by her unique
viewpoint, angle and all the camera work once more.

For Maii's movie, I composed the track using a music sequencer.
I've had this software for long like 8 years but it was the first time
I actually clicked on it. Never thought that I would get inspired
in musical way but was a really interesting collaboration.

You can see both of movies at the Theatre in Creators Cafe.
To see movies in-world, you need QuickTime installed on your
computer. And on your viewer, you have to turn media player on.
It depends on your internet connection and band width though,
movies may take some times to be loaded. Please sit back and
wait for a while, or see this with your web browser.

Also in 2hours, we have a couple of music events too.

22:30 Sat 10th Mar - DJ : Newreem Waffle
00:00 Sun 11th Mar Live : Engrama
Creators Cafe @ Beetlebones

Please come down and let's have a great party together!


February 27, 2012

in EPOCH-Legend

As I wrote in the previous post, EPOCH-Legend just opened
its doors. We have an event information on main blog here, and
for your visit this Anya Ohmai's post will be very helpful.
Visit EPOCH-Legend main landing point : Creators Cafe!

So the event has 3 themes; Art of Escher, Beast and Clowning.
These themes reminded me Jim Henson's 1986 British-American
movie "Labyrinth", which starred David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly.
The movie has an Escher-inspired maze, a gentle beast and
cold-hearted beastly (but beautiful glam) king, and goblins
clowning around.

Long story short, these are my stuff.

I've got a jacket, bottle-neck top, trousers, gloves and masks.
And named the jacket and the top "Jared" and "Gareth" after
Jareth; the king of goblins. It was really fun to create my own
version of the character.

They are all exclusive item for EPOCH-Legend, available now
in Beast venue.

And and those blue and yellow masks are the latest subscriber gift.
Hope you like them as well :)

February 19, 2012


A month ago. I pulled my store down to build new one and put this
sign on a wall in the temporary store.
Since then, I have done nothing for such "major store remodel"
(yeah as usual, so actually there were no mess) but have been at
work on an event called EPOCH-Legend. It is a big festival-like event
lots of your favorite designers signed in.

I joined the organizer team almost 6 months ago.
6 months is a long time specially in SL, was long enough for me to see
one of my friends in big guy shape with goatee found his new life as a
super tiny, full-mesh flirty fairly. (YES that's what we love in SL!!)

It seems lots of things has changed, both in SL and RL.
Even we ourselves may have changed in the last 6 months, but the
aim remained the same.
I just hope you all have fun throughout the event.

EPOCH-Legend will be opened on 26th, Feb.
Detail will come in soon.