July 26, 2011

InnerWorld Magazine : Issue 21

New issue of InnerWorld Magazine has been out.
The special article for this issue is "Golden Economy", it's about
how has the SL economy affected on our fashion lately.
You would be able to read it with interest even if you were not
really good at maths, numbers and economics. (Believe me,
I'm hopeless at maths and economics but really liked this article.)

Many times I've heard complaints about too many freebies,
hunts, lucky boards, bargain sales and kind of stuff on all over the grid.
There're lots of people who want to do serious business in SL. And
to those who want business, too many freebies and bargains may
reduce the size of their business area, and sure it decreases the
numbers of customers.

So I'm not sure if we can just welcome the golden economy in SL
and those bargain prices. As a customer and also as a shop owner,
I've been thinking about what is "proper" price in this virtual world
for long.
I'm still thinking about it though. To me, doing business is not just
making money in both SL and RL. If there were a way to business for
providing fun, joy and happiness (as much as those freebies,
hunts and bargains can provide), that would be the best.

Another one of my favorites is SL stories. The both story and
images were perfectly done. Brilliant. It's just brilliant.

You can read InnerWorld Magazine issue 21 here
in English or in Portuguese.

Oh and by the way, their HQ has moved on the new location
and now open to public. My newest gift is available too,
and oldies will be there in soon.

Stuff #07, the gift for issue 21 are bathers.
Bikini for girls, swim shorts for dudes. Grab them at
new InnerWorld Magazine HQ!