January 26, 2010

Boxers or Briefs Hunt

am participating another hunt for guys which called BoB hunt.
it's presented by the organizer of Invite Only Hunt, supported
by CheerNo and you'll be able to find plenty of underwear.

when i've heard about this event, was just drawing new undies
to make new undiebox. so this is kinda preview package,
including 3 colors, apple, soda and citrus.

the hunt has already started.
more information, participating stores, their slurl and hints
are here in the SL Hunter! blog.
also there is a flickr group, and in-world hunter's group.
you can join in the group by touching BoB hunt posters
in front of each stores.

the hint for my prize is "look for a bluebird of happiness".
there are 3 bluebirds in my store though, only one of them
have a prize. have fun at hunting, and keep your undies
always clean!!

BoB Hunt / Jan 25th - Feb 14th, 2010
find a small gift box with the poster art (shown in above).
starting point : Cheerno

January 7, 2010

2010 : a year of Tiger

heeey happy new year!!
hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.
i actually had a bad year-end. i was deadly busy for work,
got an injury on my elbow... there were too many troubles.
however, i think i could start 2010 off in a very good mood
with family, friend and plenty of alcohol.

so this is a year of Tiger. i have drown many tigers for creating
greeting cards as my RL job and for personal use (in Japan,
new year postcards are much more popular than
christmas/holiday cards.), brought one of them into SL.
hope you'll like them.

brown color tee is available in mainstore, This be.
and the gray one is on Black Market branch.
the both package comes with 3/4 sleeve tee in 4 layers.

taxi to mainstore / bon voyage to Black Market