December 16, 2009

Special Sale at The Black Market

as i wrote in the previous post, now The Black Market
has special advent calendar sale. BALACLAVA!! is going to
have 2 of exclusive items for sale and a holiday gift.


"my pajamas" and "my roomshoes" are both from my latest
releases, i made them each in exclusive color for this event.
until the 22nd, you can buy them at the holiday price.
Mr. Reindeer is a gift for everyone, this is a hand puppet
which moves when you type in chat.

all of them will be around the wagons in the Black Market
until the 22nd. enjoy and happy holidays!

December 12, 2009

liner jacket

color : gray, brown, blue and purple
including sculpted open collar, closed collar, a pair of sleeves,
2 sets of jacket, shirt layers (for 2 collars), and a pants layer.
ok for copy and mod. L$ 100 each.

for the Down The Chimney Hunt, i made this jacket in
holiday color. you can get it as a prize. detail's on here.

December 7, 2009

The Down The Chimney Hunt

here comes special holiday season and now our favorite
grid wide hunt is back!

skipping stones hunt presents
2009. 6th Dec noon (SLT) - 20th Dec

start from : Kunstkammer Architectural and Metaphysical Salvage
hunt blog / Flickr / participants list / twitter

what are you going to look for in this hunt is... a book.
probably it belongs to the saint, there are naughty and
nice kids' names like a list in this book.
this time you have up to 90 shops to visit, gifts include
men's and women's clothing, hair, accessories and jewelries,
poses, gadgets etc.

here's my prize for hunters.

(click for larger view)

this track jacket has 2 faces, one has closed collar as "nice"
(see on pic) and another has open collar as "naughty". both
collars and a pair of sleeves were made with sculpted prims.

i don't think it's gonna be difficult to find books but if you stuck,
in-world hunters group will help you. search skipping stones
hunters group and join in!
also you can check latest info on the twitter and the blog above.

happy hunting, happy holidays!!

December 2, 2009

ask me what am i waiting for

yes i'm very much looking forward to christmas.
in this month, BALACLAVA!! will participate in 2 events and
one of them has already started.

you always can buy exclusive items and their original products
at special price in The Black Market though, during this
CHRISTMAS CALENDAR, you'll also be able to buy their
christmas items at very special price.
it is like a weekly advent calendar. every week, different designers
in The Black Market set up special wagons and sell items for
under L$100.

the 1st week (- the 8th)
skream / Beetle Bones / Mudhoney / Sanu / Tarnished

the 2nd week (the 9th - the 15th)
shadethrone / duboo / doppelganger / periquita shoes
SMP / lagyo / this is a fawn / tyranny designs

the 3rd week (the 16th - the 22nd)
sugarcube / miseria / BALACLAVA!! / hoot / moddG
wot? / fishy strawberry / twosome

the 4th week (the 23rd - the 29th)
gigi couture / pink fuel / ragdolls / cut / BOOM / Ohmai
Etoile / Acid and Mala / MayoNaise

the sim is now covered with snow, waiting for your visit.
here's your limo!!

BALACLAVA!! will be there during the 16th to the 22nd.
i'm planning to have pajamas and roomshoes in exclusive
color which are both from latest my releases. also i'll have
a gadget gift. will post details about those items later on.

one more holiday event is coming up.
it's a hunt, presented by the skipping stones hunt for
this holiday season. it starts on the 6th and ends on the 20th.
i'll also post about the hunt in very soon.

November 14, 2009

my roomshoes

color : red, blue, purple, green
ok for copy and mod. no script. L$40 each.

sculpted roomshoes for winter.
each package includes shoe base and 2 pairs of shoes
in men's average size and in petite size.

my pajamas

color : red, blue, purple, green
ok for copy and mod. L$100 each.

including a jacket layer and a pants layer.
also each package contains sculpted prim parts
of both sleeves, belly and legs (roll-ups).

November 9, 2009


color : blue, charcoal. green. purple
pants, underpants layers + sculpted roll-ups are included.
ok for copy and mod. L$ 60 each.

join in Make Him Over Hunt 2nd edition, and
get these shorts in exclusive "brown" color.
BALACLAVA!! in Make Him Over Hunt (-Dec 15th)


color : bark, bayou, grape, rose
jacket layer + sculpted collar and hood are included.
ok for copy and mod. L$ 50 each.

join in Make Him Over Hunt 2nd edition, and
get this hoodie in exclusive "teal" color.
BALACLAVA!! in Make Him Over Hunt (-Dec 15th)

November 5, 2009

now on, step up and Invite Only Hunt!

let me start this post with a couple of news.
firstly, i've got "now on!" links in the right menu for you to see
which event(s) i'm currently participating in. each link leads
you to the previous posts in this blog, so you can look up
what's going on here and there.

and next, i'm supporting Step UP!, the campaign against content
theft. if you haven't heard about them nor their campaign, you can
get info from their blog, Ning, or the orange-colored poster on
a wall in my store.
personally, i don't ask you to boycott uploading. instead, i want
you to remember that all of residents in SL can be creators. and
i'm the one who see and love your blog posts, your snapshots,
your "LOTD" as your very original/unique "creation".
please stop praising (having, buying, passing, blogging) stolen
contents and content thieves. don't let them disgrace your
creation and creativity.

so, let's talk about a hunt now!
Invite Only hunt has just begun, it's been planned and organized
by Gabbe Bookmite. since i'm tired of my very conservative taste,
i admire his vivid/adventurous sense of fashion. so when i was
invited to his hunt, decided to create something very new

BALACLAVA!! winterwhite outfit for Invite Only Hunt
includes sweater w/sculpty sleeves + a pair of pants.
you need a clue? then ask one of the blue birds.

well, you can see my try on this outfit. there was Designers
United II which helped me to use black, and i chose opposite
color white here. same as black, i rarely use plain white.
so that was my challenge, even though it looks very neutral.
however it's the fact that white is easy to wear, easy to mix and
match with other colors just like you see black.
and people (specially guys) don't really have white pair of
pants so it will be a good opportunity to have one.
hope you like them.

what you'll look for is an envelope. each store has one yellow
(for unisex), or one blue + one pink (for male and for female).
please check out the hunter blog here:
and join in-world group to get hints and clues.
your starting point is CheerNo. happy hunting!!

participants of Invite Only Hunt
Kosh - CONCRETE FLOWERS - Urbanity - nestle my bosom/dp
(PDA) - Barcode - Peer - Lazy Places - Young Urban - rbcg - Mancandy
Exodi - Humby Designs - LINE - [LCKY] - BALACLAVA!!

alaMood Boutique - Figure 8 Island club - MADesigns

October 31, 2009

Black Market Halloween Hunt

pumpkin's everywhere. that color helps me to remind my very
cheeky brother in law
, who now lives on pumpkin.
he almost died of IMHA ( Immune- Mediated Hemplytic Anemia)
in last year, but now in the best of health.
pumpkin is such a magical vegetable.

anyways. this year, i hid my pumpkin in Black Market.

Black Market Halloween Hunt starts midnight on the 31st
(and it will end when someone thought of the end).
usually we shop owners only have stuff along the pirate/gypsy
theme in this sim, but for halloween we can have anything for
prizes. i created seasonal beanies for guys.

my prize includes 3 beanies in halloween color, which are
orange, purple and black (charcoal), and another 3 with
brown short hair. they are all mod/copy, no transfer, no script.
i created them in very average (or may be bit smaller than
average) size for guys.

this hunt is a trivia hunt. find a pumpkin first, the click on it
to get a trivia quiz about halloween. even you couldn't chose
correct answer, you can challenge to same quiz again and again.
here's your taxi to Black Market.

happy hunting, and happy halloween.

October 30, 2009


- layered top (jacket, shirt, pants layers + sculpty sleeves)
- vest (jacket, shirt, pants layers)
- shorts (pants, underpants layers + sculpty roll-ups)
color: red, purple, green. blue
ok for copy and mod. L$150 each.

gypsy-look outfit with a long sleeve pullover, a vest, and a pair
of shorts which looks like was made with arabesque curtain
material. sculpty sleeves and roll-ups are included.

available only on Black Market branch.

outfit : Tony (red)
hair : Oh my Crow (BL) by [OH] at Designers United II (ends 11.03)
belt : Coeur de Verre with Angel attached by MANNA BOUTIQUE
boots : Kboots black by TREADS

October 27, 2009

Mr. Crowe for Designers United II

"Mr. Crowe for Designers United II"
color : black L$ 180

this package includes
- jacket (a jacket layer with attachments)
- shaping shirt (a shirt layer)
- trousers (a pants layer with a sock layer)
- top hat

the jacket has attachments for spine (knit collar), for both fore arms
(cuffs), left pec (body) and for both shoulders (epaulette).
the shaping shirt is an option, it can make the jacket look puffy and
warm. it's moddable, please mod it to make your best silhouette.
i made a sock layer for wearing with the trousers but actually
it's not a sock. it shows up inside of the trousers' hem just like a lining.
about the top hat, i made S, M and L sizes. also you can see X
as the 4th, it's an accessory mini hat.

they are all in black though, those blacks are slightly different
each other. the jacket has darker black, the pair of trousers are more
lighter. also i draw them with different textures. even if you wear as
an outfit, it doesn't look too flat. of course these items are very easy
to mix and match with your wardrobes.

this outfit was made for Designers United II, and available only on
here on Cupcake sim.
till when the event ends on Nov 3rd, 2009.
for more details of the event, check the previous post.

October 25, 2009

Designers United II

i was really impressed by the previous Designers United event.
it was a fashion event, and was a place to shop but i saw it
was more like a group exhibition by bunch of talented creators.
to me, even just the name is enough to get excited.
"Designers United".
sounds like another issue of Marvel Universe.
i'm very honored to partake in this event, with those bunch of
super heroines and heroes. and was thrilled when i first saw
the awesome poster. jeez look i'm on Charles Xavier's position!! 

the event has secretly started with voting to choose a theme,
and "crow" was chosen. crow the black bird, you know.

honestly i've been trying not to use black for making stuff
since i started my own shop. either i didn't want to draw a crow,
because i've already drawn enough of birds including parrots
and crows for making tees in the last couple of months.
these reason made me feel like "it's gonna be difficult...mmm"
but tough challenges always bring big fun.
i enjoyed to spread my imagination and made this outfit.

BALACLAVA!! Mr. Crowe for Designers United II / L$ 180
including jacket, trousers and tophat.
*more details will be on another post. in soon!

even though english is not my 1st language, i know how to
spell "crow". Mr. Crowe needs an extra "e" for sure, i named it
after my 2nd thoughts (the 1st one was the bird).
although with the top hat it looks like SLASH...
if you like to solve a riddle, try to find the origin of Mr.Crowe.
the special package box will be a clue.

this outfit is an exclusive stuff for this Designers United Event,
it ends Nov 3rd. hope you come to see, and enjoy! taxi's here!

[ Designers United II - participants]
Aitsui - BALACLAVA!! - Beetle Bones - Boing Fromage - Chabinns
chicada by nilGiha - Couverture - DADA - Deviant Sisters
Djinn & Tonic - Duboo - [glow] Studio - LaGyao - Milk Motion
Miss 80s - Mocha - Modd G. - Narwhal - !Ohmai - Oi-Ei - OH - P-K
Pig - Singing Moth - So Many Styles - Split Pea - Sugarcube
This is a Fawn - Tyranny - Waffles - Vive9

October 15, 2009

Make Him Over Hunt - 2nd edition

so the another MHO hunt has just began!

the previous Make Him Over Hunt made a huge success as the
biggest grid wide hunt for men, but seems like this 2nd edition is
much bigger than before. there are 174 shops to go and search,
that means we need to visit 5.8 shops per day to finish, even though
we have a whole month for hunting.
that makes me feel like... going on a pilgrimage or something.
if i didn't give up and found every single prizes in 174 shops, then
i would be able to see the nirvana.
at least i will be able to see Havana.

anyways, here's my stuff.

BALACLAVA!! dailyhood/teal + crownshorts/brown
both are in exclusive color for Make Him Over Hunt.

i've got those hoodies and shorts as new releases in my main
store but didn't have time to blog them.
there are 4 colors each on sale now, i'm about to provide the
5th color for this hunt. hope you like them.

the starting point of MHO hunt is MADesigns as you know.
and for more information, check out the MAKE HIM OVER blog here.
you can also check some hints from participants, each prizes and
the list of all 174 shops.

or, there are in-world group too.
you can join in it by clicking the inviter which every shops have.
i rarely show up on the group chat (because i'm too shy :P)
but people in the group are really supportive for hunters.

happy hunting!!

October 9, 2009


these days i have been working mostly offline, to create some
new stuff. they are all new, but none of them will be sold at my
own store. well i actually have to renovate my store and also
have to have new releases for welcoming winter though...
what i've been creating in these 2 weeks are the stuff i will
provide through 4 different events (including 2 of gridwide hunts.)
i really like to join in those events in SL. it's fun to collaborate
with other creators and all participants.

SL ZOMBIEFEST 2009 is one of those events i'm in,
the sim has been opened to public today.
there are music, formal ball, zombie auction, kissing booth,
shops and games... and 100% all of those benefits goes to
Red Cross.
i decided to partake in this event as a vendor, made some
exclusive stuff. all these stuff are available in both
"COPY/MOD ver." and "COPY/TRANS ver", means you can
buy the as gifts too! please look at the vendor sign carefully
before you buy. on my vendors, you can choose COPY ver.
and TRANS ver by touch. to buy them, right click and select "pay".

= BALACLAVA!! in SL ZOMBIEFEST 2009 product list =

zombieglam T
color : black, blue L$ 50 each.
including a jacket, a shirt, an undershirt, underpants, and pants layers.

zombiedoll T
color : black, pink L$ 50 each.
including a jacket, a shirt, an undershirt, underpants, and pants layers.

handknit scarf
color : black L$ 30.
sculpted, exclusive color for ZOMBIEFEST 2009.
other colors are available in my main store.

these 2 types of tees are "parody tees".
each of the artworks are slightly different with originals in real life,
they are both hand-drawn by myself.

let's have some fun with!!
ZOMBIEFEST 2009 is now open. 2009.10.09 - 10.13.

September 19, 2009

handknit scarf

sculpty scarf. the knot comes on nape.
one end falls over your left shoulder, another end goes back.
color : raspberry+pink, green+blue, purple+gray, brown+yellow
ok for copy and mod. L$30 each.

color : forest, sea, earth / L$30 each, 3+1 pack / L$90.
these 3 and 3+1 pack which includes special color "gypsy" are
available only on Black Market branch.

till the end of October, i have a halloween gift scarf in main store.
also i put new caribbean color scarf in the gift box on Black Market,
instead of Smee! mini scarf i've had as an opening gift.

skull T

3/4 sleeve baseball tees.
color : orange, green
includes : jacket, shirt, undershirt, underpants, pants layers
ok for copy and mod. L$60 each.

color : pirate-blue, pirate-brown
these 2 are available only on Black Market branch.

September 17, 2009

new release in branches

well i had to write about this, a few days ago i closed BALAClab!? #002.
i wanna say thank you to all of guests who visited the place.
seems i'll get another 2 hunts to participate at the same time in the end
of this year, maybe around Christmas so the 3rd will be opened in
the end of this year or the beginning of the next year.
when i get new stuff and new build, send notice to AAA guests and
people who have sent info request during the #002 .
of course i'm gonna announce it through this blog too though.

so i restarted to create new stuff for having in my main store and
in branches. also i started to create some exclusives for partaking
a charity event.

but lately, it's getting cooler day by day. i'm veeeery sleepy and so that
i can't keep my concentration on my illustrator file and photoshop data.
veeeery sleepy.
today i had to pay my rent so put a few new items in A la mode branch,
and a couple of exclusive tees in Black Market branch while i
was there. however in mainstore, before having new stuff i had to do
usual stocktaking, so it'll take time to be filled with new stuff.
i hope i'll be finish it by the end of this month ...though.

on A La Mode branch. a few new stuff are here and there.

on Black Market branch. a couple of new exclusive tees are here.

September 4, 2009

BALAClab!? #002 product list

last night i sent invitations to all of requesters. hope you'll enjoy.
here are some product notes of what you'll get from the lab!? #002.

= BALAClab!? #002 products list =

Magic Margherita happy meal
- Magic Margherita Pizza Box / provide 2 types of slices
- Magic Margherita Drink Cup
- Magic Margherita gift shirt
to get slices of those seafood pizza, click on the box to open it, then
click on the pizza pie. it gives you 2 types of slices, the one to attach
on your mouth, and another to attach on a hand.

ima bigboi outfit
- bigboi shirt (blue) / shirt and underpants layers
- bigboi bowtie (red) with collar (blue) / combo attatches on spine
- bigboi vest (blue) / jacket layer
- bigboi shorts (yellow) / pants layer
- bigboi socks (white and red)
- bigboi glasses (black) / attachment on nose
- big papa readers glasses (black) / attaches on nose
instant geek outfit, includes shirt, vest, a pair of shorts, bow tie, socks
and 2 pair of glasses. underpants are drawn on the underpants layer
with shirt's lower part.

goodboi's bowtie (blue) / attaches on spine
goodboi friend's gift bag (blue) / attaches on left shoulder

the bigboi bowtie in another color. as the both are MOD/COPY, you
can swap this for bigboi outfit's. also you can attach it on anywhere
of your body parts, means ... girls can have it on their head like
accessory or on cloths.
the bow tie and bag in red color were provided as AAA gifts. not
available in the lab.

parrot T (no it's a crow in gray) / includes 4 layers
i have on sale parrot Tees in my main store, and this is another one
for exclusive. it's not a parrot T, i drew a crow's silhouette on this.

02T (navy) / includes 4 layers
someone from AAA guests gave me a funny message. he's got a
cheergirlT from the previous lab, very much liked and showed it to
his friend. then his friend said about the cheer girls as "they're just
strange old ladies". the guest told me even after that happened
he likes the cheergirlT and i almost dead in laugh.
this time i didn't draw old cheergirls but i promise for him, i will draw
another sexy girls on another Tee, provided only for AAA guests to
make his friend jealous!!

framed shot HUD (red)
the frame on the pic above is a HUD, you can take snapshot with this
frame. to use, please read the instruction note inside of the package.
i also provided another HUD which is used in this photo for AAA guests.

there are also some stop press!! stuff. not show in the pic.

Smee! mini scarf (white) / lab style
i have on-sale outfits called Smee! in Black Market branch, which
includes Tee, shorts and this scarf. i also have an opening gift there
which is a same mini scarf but in black.
this is an exclusive color for the lab.

starkey shirt (brown) / jacket layers with sculpty cuffs
also this one is from the Black Market branch, exclusive color for the lab.
this 3/4 sleeve shirt can be worn as a half sleeve shirt with sculpty
cuff attachment too.

mini tie (black)
a sculpty mini tie from new outfit for Black Market, which is currently i'm
working on.

the lab will be closed on 2009.09.14. this is a limited time offer.

August 31, 2009

BALAClab!? #002

good bye summer, hello autumn!
and here i'm opening the 2nd BALAClab!?

from September the 1st to the 4th, the lab is going to be opened
only for some AAA guests. they are who have requested to be on my
guest list during the time i had the 1st lab opened 2 months ago.

people who sent invitation request with 2 of secret codes from
the both of Skipping Stones Hunt and Starlust's Panty Raid can join in
after the pre-opening, from the 5th to 14th.

i'll send invitations to each of guests and requesters until then.
please let me know if you wouldn't get anything from me.
oh and i'm gonna take the request form away from my mainstore in
a couple of days so if you have got 2 secret codes but haven't send
it to me yet, please hurry. hurrrrry!
you just need to come over, fill the form, then drop it into the box.
the request form and the stuff are in the upper floor.

this time, and after this, people who have missed the opportunity
(like hunts or some other events) to get secret passwords for
visiting the lab basically will not be able to visit there.
even so, please DON'T pass the coordinates and SLURL of
the lab to anyone else. i will have the next lab in 3 months or so,
please wait for it and keep tune in.

August 28, 2009


includes : shirt w/sculpted cuff attachments, and a pair of trousers.
color : red sea (red shirt + brown trousers), black sea (dove shirt + black trousers)
ok for copy and mod. L$150 each.

available only on Black Market branch.


includes : 3/4 sleeve Tee and plaid shorts.
color : blue, brown, gray, green,
ok for copy and mod. L$100 each.

available only on Black Market branch.


includes : Tee, shorts w/sculpted rolled-up attachements and mini scarf.
color : red, blue
ok for copy and mod. L$150 each.

available only on Black Market branch.

field T

color : morning, sunset, evening
4 layers are included (jacket, shirt, undershirt and underpants)
ok for copy and mod. L$50 each.

available only on Black Market branch.

August 24, 2009

in Black Market

another cool shopping place opened today, which is called Black Market.
there are a big pirates' ship, a dock, a pier, shadows of ghosts,
signs of gypsies ...and many shops in stalls and tents.

what a wonderful surprise, this market help me to check all of those cool
labels at the same time. also they have exclusives, discounted items
and their stocks will be changed in every 2 or 3 weeks!
well since the most of them have only girls' stuff, i may not be able to
their good customer though. even so, i'm very excited to see their great
works and stuff. i love this place's atmosphere, very much.

BALACLAVA!! was also invited to this place ( it's a great honor to be
one of the crew!). i will enjoy creating new and exclusive line only
for this Black Market branch.
my stuff will be men's casual cloths as always, but i'm thinking of adding
some pirates/gypsy motifs and organic colors on them. to make them
look well matched with the themed market, i will sell some of my stuff
as outfits.
each outfit looks like Smee! or gentle Starkey in Captain Hook's ship
but you can wear them separately, easily mix up with your own
wardrobes for making daily and comfy looks.

please check out my stall there in Black Market, and don't forget to
grab a opening gift box in a small boat.

bon Voyage to THE BLACK MARKET !!